Size Matters Not

Three pastors discuss the implications of church growth as it relates to large congregations and small congregations. Mark Dever is the elder amongst the three as Kevin DeYoung (Reformed and Presbyterian) and Matt Chandler (Baptist) represent the younger generation of leaders within their respective denominations. There are some intriguing insights to be had in this sixteen minute clip. The most precious nugget is the call for pastors and their elders to be committed to preaching the gospel and discipleship. Much more could be said, but that is enough for the time being.


“As leaders today, we must be warned of our common vulnerability to being distracted by the abundance of ‘enhancements’ available to ministry today. We can become mesmerized by the array of church cosmetics for helping our church look better. ‘Makeup’ isn’t evil, but it’s no substitute for leading believers to ‘take up’ the disciple’s cross and be shaped as his true followers. We’re within frightening reach of being able to grow bigger churches while failing to grow bigger people.’
(Jack Hayford,

Jack Hayford on Church Growth