Hello all,

Allow me to introduce myself in full. My name is Matthew Abate, and I grew up in Miami, Florida. I graduated from Florida International University with two degrees: one in Communications and the other in English. Immediately after completing my undergraduate work, I hopped on a plane for the West Coast in order to attend Loyola Marymount University’s graduate program in digital production. My move to Los Angeles fulfilled a lifelong dream of engaging in the creation of movies.

In the present, I work for Otto Nemenz International, which is a motion picture rental company in Hollywood. The job is far from creative as it’s strictly technical; however, I’m around the equipment, so this gives me opportunities to play with the toys. Underneath my job and career interests, rumbles a deeper passion for following the Lord, studying his word, and walking with others in their knowledge of him. This blog grows out of those deep rumblings within my soul and spirit.

I’m a huge fan of words and ideas and their expression; however, I’m an even bigger fan in purposeful and truthful communication utilizing words and ideas. This blog offers a window into my writing process. There’s also a teaching or instructional emphasis to my posts. Don’t let that scare you away. In many ways, I see this blog as a way to refine my communicating, critical thinking and teaching skills.

From my perspective, I’m to align my ways of communicating after the master storyteller himself. I call it Christ-centered and cross-centered communication: Christ-centered because everything and anything I say and do is to point to him. Cross-centered because I’m to offer all my ways of communicating to him to experience that transformation from death unto life in him. I encourage you to comment on the posts. I’d love to see lively discussion, but to use maturity while upholding the dignity of others in your expression. If I deem a comment or discussion thread outside the bounds of common decency, so long to those comments and thread.

Finally, I love the outdoors whether hiking, swimming, walking, you name it. There’s something to be said for venturing out into nature. I find it relaxing. Despite the systemic corruption in the NCAA, I do love College Football Saturdays: Go Canes!  I’m two years young into the theology expressed in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith; however, I find that this document best represents what the Bible teaches.


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