“I think that those who are concerned about “triumphalism” are in fact noticing something that really is happening. That something should in fact be noticed, and — given how our worried evangelical leadership frequently works — defended. What I am talking about is all the pro-life exuberance and joy. The pursuit of Planned Barrenhood has been robust, pointed, widespread, funny, hard-hitting, massive, and driven by what can only be called battle joy. Speaking quite frankly, I have simply been proud of and grateful for the behavior of pro-life Christians. We are scaling the castle walls of Minas Sanger on these little rickety ladders, and so I don’t want to spend any energy tsking at those up ahead of me with a knife in their teeth about to reach the top. Not the time. Wouldn’t be appropriate.”


(Douglas Wilson, “And Then Swash Some More,” 1 Aug 2015)

The Castle Walls of Minas Sanger


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