Initial Rumblings in the US

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has released its third video (the first of a two-parter) regarding Planned Parenthood’s practice of supplying “tissue specimens” or “products of conception” for advanced medical research. I use those two phrases in honor of Dr. Jen Gunter, who bemoans the pro-life camp’s use of incorrect terminology with respect to abortion and its associated procedures.

By the way, this latest video is downright horrifying, and I have a strong stomach. For example, I can eat spaghetti and meatballs with no problem during the alien, birth scene from Ridley Scott’s classic movie, Alien. Earlier this morning, I had to stop eating my yummy bowl of steel cut oats because I could not handle the subject matter. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. What goes on right now in PP facilities is a travesty of justice.

Today, I learned through Facebook’s trending, activity feed that there are protests against PP in fifty US cities. In fact, these had been organized on the basis of the first two videos released by CMP. Now that the third video has hit the internet this will only fuel these protests even more. If you want to learn more about this full-blooded expression of the 1st Amendment, then take a gander at the following websites here and here.

The US media outlets have reported nary a peep about the protests. Instead, they report here and here how the Department of Justice and the state of California have launched investigations with respect to the CMP, the company behind the videos. There are other US states that have announced investigations into PP and its tissue donation protocol. What we are witnessing before us on Capitol Hill are the initial rumblings of something greater.

These CMP videos have highlighted just how partisan the abortion issue is in our nation’s capital and among the populace. The divide between the sides is one of worldview rather than science. Each side attempts to demean the other’s scientific basis for its position on abortion. Personally, I find those arguments dishonest. The differences come to down to worldview and philosophy/theology. In layman’s terms, the two sides disagree on the human condition and origins. This is why it does not matter what the US Supreme Court has ruled on this matter. The legality of a practice does not justify the morality of it.



2 thoughts on “Initial Rumblings in the US

  1. Nice post, Matthew. I look forward to your further elaborations on the importance of worldview. This issue demonstrates how one side prioritizes sexual freedom above all other values as the ultimate goal, and has lead them to fight to have abortion on demand at anytime for any reason, and stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the consequences when sociopaths at PP sell baby body parts.


    • mjabate says:

      Thank you for the kind words Michael…I’m collecting my thoughts re: worldview. I know that I need to sit with this theme a bit before writing anything.


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