“As a devout agnostic, Jubal consciously [assessed] religions, from the animism of the Kalahari Bushmen to the most sober and intellectualized of the major western faiths, as being equal.  But emotionally he disliked some more than others…and the Church of the New Revelation set his teeth on edge.  The Fosterites’ flat-footed claim to utter gnosis through a direct pipeline to Heaven, their arrogant intolerance implemented in open persecution of all other religions wherever they were strong enough to get away with it, the sweaty football-rally & sales-convention flavor of their services–all these ancillary aspects depressed him.  If people must go to church, why the devil couldn’t they be dignified about it, like Catholics, Christian Scientists, or Quakers?”


(Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, “His Preposterous Heritage,” Part 2, Chpt. XIV, p 159, uncut edition, 1991)

Sweaty, Football-Rally, Religious Services


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