“If God exists, why doesn’t he prove it?  Why doesn’t God appear with lightning and thunder to accompany his presence?  The story of the Bible gives a full answer to this question.  God did so appear; He will appear again.  The reason He does not now appear is not that He is reluctant to persuade atheists but the opposite.  God withholds the burning revelation of His holy presence because He withholds the day of judgment that it must bring.  The God of glory has already revealed Himself as the Father of mercy by sending His Son into the world.  He restrains the glory of His appearing so that men may respond to the call of His mercy and taste the wonder of His love.  Men who demand that God show Himself do not know what they are asking!”


(Edmund Clowney, The Unfolding Mystery: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament, “The Lord and His Servant,” Chpt. 5, pp 102-103, 2nd Ed., 2013)

Withholding Judgment in order to Reveal Mercy and Love


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