Indian Lake, NY



Upstate New York is very pretty and very rugged.  The people who live in the Adirondack region are built of sterner stuff.  When it snows, it falls in feet not inches.  One of my younger brothers lives here with his wife and son.  The actual town is Indian Lake.  In the photo, my brother’s house is in the background along with my blue rental car. This is what March looks like in the Adirondacks.  It was snowing lightly earlier this morning.  The temperature was about 23 or 25 degrees.

My nephew wanted to go for a walk, so his parents obliged him and I joined them.  It is so quiet in this area that one can hear the wind brush over the mountains and trees.  After that, the snow would fall a little heavier.  The wind picked up and knifed through our layers.  It is cold air, but fresh air.  No city has air this good; although, enjoying it requires braving the elements.  I do not think it is possible to prepare for this kind of cold.  One must experience it.

I have experienced city cold, but mountain cold is very different.  The latter tests the mettle of a person.  Cities make sure to alleviate the problems as best they can by plowing, salting, and sanding the roads. These things take place in the mountains, but the locals do it.  The logistics of city workers arriving into the Adirondacks is not always reliable due to the conditions of the mountan roads.  The freeways and state roads are well maintained, but the residential roads can be dicey.

The locals help each other in the neighborhoods with plows.  It is a Do it yourself mentality.  Take the bull by the horns and turn it into a steer.  I wonder how I would do in this environment.  It is conceivable that I would turn chicken inside of a year.  The truth is that I do not know how I would perform.  My brother does well, but he is fortunate to be with a woman from this area.  She knows all of the ins and outs about living in the Adirondacks.  It is in her blood.

My nephew is in phenomenal hands.  He has parents who love and care for him in the midst of a harsh region.  I found myself struggling to keep my balance on the snowy driveway while my nephew walked along like it was business as usual.  I guess the sunny weather of South Florida and Southern California make whimps out of people.  Now, I must say that the tropical humidity of Miami is downright brutal;   however, there is something different with winter in Indian Lake.

I lived through Hurricane Andrew and other lesser tropical storms.  These come and go with advanced warning.  Winter is a season that stays and stays and stays in Indian Lake.  The folks in this town experience maybe four months of mild weather between June and September.  Eight months of cold sounds rough and wearying.  I commend my fellow Americans for braving this climate.  From my perspective, one needs to really, really, really love the area in order to make a living.  See you soon Indian Lake.


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