“Contemporary secular culture is well to the left of the Bible on most things it teaches.  Non-Christian Britain, like America, thinks the Scriptures are backward on all sorts of topics, including judgment, evolution, tradition, war, marriage, slavery, sexual ethics, holiness, gender roles, and the idea of teaching doctrine in the first place.  So when we push to the left, we are almost without exception moving closer to what the culture around us thinks, and that makes the process much more comfortable for us.  (I’m not saying, of course, that pushing to the left is thereby wrong, merely that it is easy – and therefore that, if I know my own heart, the temptation to distort the Bible to get there is likely to be more acute.)  Moving to the right, on the other hand, makes us more likely to be ridiculed by The New York Times, Stephen Fry, the writers of sitcoms, our social network, and all the other cool-ade people we desperately want to like us.  It shouldn’t, but that does make it harder.”


(Andrew Wilson, “Complementarianism and Courage,” http://www.thinktheology.co.uk, 10 Feb. 2015)

The Comfort of Turning Left


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