A Conversation between Richard Lints and Michael Horton

There are moments in my life where I notice God’s hand directing my footsteps.  Two weeks ago, I posted a short video with Dr. Michael Horton discussing the importance of theological training for the pastor-scholar.  I found another video through the Gospel Coalition website covering a related topic involving Dr. Horton and another gentleman, Dr. Richard Lints.  These two men discuss the divide that exists between the church and the academy and ways for up and coming pastor-scholars (novice ones like yours truly) to navigate these two worlds.

Neither Lints nor Horton used the terms salt and light, but those are two things that came into my mind as watched this video.  My academic goals are not to acquire an inflated mind.  I want to walk alongside hearts, minds, and souls for the purpose of raising up generations of men and women who take God and the study of his word with seriousness.  This also applies to my future children and their children’s children and so on and so forth.  The God I serve is coherent.  My understanding of him and his word needs to be coherent in addition to my communication of him and his word.  Here is the video link:

Christian Scholars in the Secular Academy


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