“The change which our Lord here declares needful to salvation is evidently no slight or superficial one.  It is not merely reformation, or amendment, or moral change, or outward alteration of life.  It is a thorough change of heart, will, and character.  It is a resurrection.  It is a new creation.  It is a passing from death to life.  It is the implanting in our dead hearts of a new principle from above.  It is the calling into existence of a new creature, with a new nature, new habits of life, new tastes, new desires, new appetites, new judgments, new opinions, new hopes, and new fears.  All this, and nothing less than this is implied, when our Lord declares that we all need a ‘new birth.’

“This change of heart is rendered absolutely necessary to salvation by the corrupt condition in which we are all, without exception, born.  ‘That which is born of the flesh is flesh.’  Our nature is thoroughly fallen.  The carnal mind is enmity against God (Rom. 8:7).  We come into the world without faith, or love, or fear toward God.  We have no natural inclination to serve Him or obey Him, and no natural pleasure in doing His will.  Left to himself, no child of Adam would ever turn to God.  The truest description of the change which we all need in order to make us real Christians, is the expression, ‘new birth.’

“This mighty change, it must never be forgotten, we cannot give to ourselves.  The very name which our Lord gives to it is a convincing proof of this.  He calls it ‘a birth.’  No man is the author of his own existence, and no man can quicken his own soul.  We might as well expect a dead man to give himself life, as expect a natural man to make himself spiritual.  A power from above must be put in exercise, even that same power which created the world (2 Cor. 4:6).  Man can do many things; but he cannot give life either to himself or to others.  To give life is the peculiar prerogative of God.  Well may our Lord declare that we need to be ‘born again!'”

(J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on John, Vol. I, 1879)

J. C. Ryle on the Necessity of the New Birth


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