“The temptation for many evangelicals, on the other hand, is to interpret the Bible as they see fit, without listening to anyone in the Great Tradition.  Some think Luther’s concept of the priesthood of all believers means we can interpret the Bible for ourselves by ourselves, that the most important thing is a personal relationship with Jesus, not doctrine or moral codes.  Truth be told, most lone ranger evangelicals actually care about doctrine and morality, but they want to decide for themselves what they mean.  They reject the notion that the church is a living communion of saints, with authority over each believer.  In this “New Age” Protestantism–where it doesn’t matter what you believe or do as long as you have contact with a certain spiritual atmosphere–culture will trump the gospel, and we evangelicals will trace the footsteps of liberal Protestantism.  Unless we take seriously the Great Tradition.”

(Gerald McDermott, “Guided by the Great Cloud,” Christianity Today, p 57, Nov. 2014)

The Short-Sightedness of “New Age” Protestantism


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