“Now there are a lot of folks who are very practically oriented and they are very impatient about doing the hard work of thinking through and getting things right.  I mean, they just want to get on with the Christian living.  And there is something admirable about that at a certain level, but it can lead to real problems.  Especially if you have left some very essential work undone in the area of the understanding of God’s Word.  Zeal without knowledge is not more spiritual.  It is less spiritual.  Zeal without knowledge is in fact prideful, because it is saying, ‘I don’t need that knowledge that God took a lot of time to [set] down in his His Word.  I am just going to live the Christian life.’  And God didn’t design us to work that way.  He designed us to understand His Word and to operate from the base of His Word in Christian living.  So we must turn our hearts to worship the Lord even in our pursuit of knowledge.  To glorify Him as we pursue knowledge that we might learn and obey.”

(J. Ligon Duncan, “Introduction to Covenant Theology,” Lecture Series on Covenant Theology, First Presbyterian Church – Jackson, MS 1998)

Ligon Duncan on Religous Zeal without Knowledge


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