In Between Christmas and New Year’s

I have found the time between Christmas and New Year’s to be uneventful.  Sometimes I have returned to work during this time, which always interrupts the celebratory feel.  It is true that this valley between Christmas and New Year’s is a time to recover and rest from the stress of buying and exchanging gifts, traveling, preparing meals, and so forth.  In the end, it seems to me that my wife does it best.  She takes two weeks off in order to finish the year celebrating and partying, and then start the New Year on the right track.

Many people do not have the luxury or ability to take that much time off over the holidays.  In my case, I must return to work this coming Tuesday for a mandatory work day.  It is what it is, and I do not begrudge my employer one bit.  What is even better is when the celebrating continues after they officially end.  Here is what I mean by that statement.  Christmas Eve and Day are behind me along with the wonderful food and gatherings common to those two holidays.  I’m wrapping up my time in Florida this Christmas, but one final gathering remains much to my surprise.

The celebration starts in about two hours here in Titusville, Florida.  Homemade paella is on the menu.  This is a glorious Spanish dish with seafood and rice.  To me, this means more food and more fun.  Both are yesses in my book.  By now, there will be tons of articles discussing ways to follow through on New Year’s resolutions about exercising and losing weight.  I’m sure that I’ve gained my holiday pounds, but these gatherings only happen once a year.  Something tells me that what I’m about to say will sound cornball or cheesy.  From my perspective, I will be celebrating during the in-between times or the time between the times, which refers to Christmas and New Year’s.



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