When Passions Shift

Next fall is my target for entering seminary.  I never thought that I’d head back to school.  When I completed my graduate film degree from Loyola Marymunt University  (LMU) in 2003, I purposed to remain in the entertainment field in some capacity until I reached retirement age.  Over the last two to three years, I have seen a shift take place within me.  The passion for stories remains at a fever pitch; however, my love for making movies is no longer a consuming reality.  I do not eat and sleep movies or shot lists or camera angles or stewarding a production from concept to the big screen.

Something has changed inside of me.  Did this shift begin two years ago?  I do not know for sure, but one answer is maybe.  Another response is that this shift started even farther back than two years.  Nonetheless, here I am typing this post with a different outlook and set of values.  I still love to read and write, which have been with me almost from the beginning.  In fact, these two passions have intensified as I maintain this blog.  There is a fast-flowing stream within me, which needs an outlet.  This blog is a perfect channel for getting out what rumbles within.  I find myself enjoying the self-discipline of harnessing this river via each post.  Each word and sentence carries tremendous importance.

Truth be told, I have loved words and images ever since I was a wee child.  The core of my passions burns bright and bold, but make no mistake, their expression is different.  It is hard for me to pinpoint just how different because I continue to write and communicate what I see, learn, and experience. Each of those spring up from the soil of what I know.   Nearly every writing instructor worth his or her salt exhorts their students to write what they know. This is exactly what I used to do with my storytelling.  Of course, this begs the question of whether or not my passions have shifted, or if I’m verbalizing a misconception?  Maybe there is a tension between being and doing.  It seems to me that some continuity remains between who I am and what I do in the present and the past.  It is also true that there is real discontinuity, too.

In the above, second paragraph, I described having an inward call or drive that is akin to a fast-flowing river.  I followed that idea by describing how my passion is to write and communicate what I see, learn, and experience.  My time in the entertainment field has sharpened this drive.  My relationship with the Lord has harnessed this river into a life-giving outlet for others, which places me on the doorstep to seminary.  Over the weekend, I stole a few hours in order to seek my God for wisdom and counsel.  His Spirit lead me to the following scripture passage: The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters; the fountain of wisdom is a bubbling brook” (Proverbs 18:4, ESV).  It goes without saying that this spoke to me.  The images of deep waters, a fountain, and a bubbling brook all fit what I have been expressing in this post.  My Father in heaven described me with his word in Proverbs.  It is a powerful act of defining who I am and what I do.  Oh Lord, grant me the grace and mercy and faith to live in the light of Proverbs 18:4.    



2 thoughts on “When Passions Shift

  1. A decision to enter seminary is also a bold decision to follow wherever God may lead you. Using the gifts and passions that are uniquely yours for the glory of God is a calling and a responsibility. I congratulate you for first recognizing His leading in your life and then for determining to follow through with committment. Blessings!


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