“At the same time, when you do start studying life issues and abortion, you realize that some contraceptives are abortifacients, and you ought to take a serious view of sex. The sad thing is that abortion and sex without consequences is turning women against their own uniqueness. So many women at the end of the day regret not having children. Abortion is definitely a war on women. There are a lot of base motives for pushing certain contraceptives, pushing abortion. There’s money-making (Planned Parenthood, after all, is a billion-dollar business!) and there’s eugenics. The big push for contraceptives, especially dangerous kinds like Norplant, which focuses on certain demographics, is eugenics. But if the mainstream media is against you right now, they’ll twist the reasonable things you say and they’ll let slide things other people say that are horrible.”

(Stella Morabito interviews Maria McFadden Maffucci — Human Life Review: Forty Years Of Fighting For Human Life And Dignity)

A War on Women


2 thoughts on “A War on Women

  1. gjoelfranco says:

    What is your comment to this post?


    • mjabate says:

      I think what hit home for me is that eugenics seems to be at the foundation for Planned Parenthood. It’s a view connected to utilitarianism, which was advocated for by John Stuart Mill in the 19th Century. The greater good doesn’t necessarily assert the liberty of a person or human being.


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