The Scriptures and Prophetic Revelation

John Paul Jackson is a controversial figure to many given his past affiliation with the so-called Kansas City Prophets.  Right away, this raises red flags for many, and I must confess that a few pop up within me, too.   This begs the question as to the reasoning for posting this video of Jackson discussing the theology behind the rhema word and the logos.  He runs a ministry called Streams Ministries International, which I am sympathetic toward.  Through this ministry, Jackson disciples followers of Christ through the biblical use of the spiritual gifts.  He focuses on the gift of prophecy as it relates to dreams and visions.

There is discernment needed whenever exploring the spiritual gifts, especially those tagged as signs and wonders.  One of the reasons that I keep my finger on the pulse of Mr. Jackson’s ministry is that he stresses the veracity of the bible in such a way that sets him apart from those who operate similar ministries.  He has been known to call out his peers within the Pentecostal and Charismatic wing of the church for their hypocrisy.  Jackson sits squarely within the Third Wave Charismatic movement; however, he flies underneath its radar so to speak.

In this video, Jackson briefly discusses the theology behind the rhema word and the logos word. The view he expresses calls into question the popular take in this area precisely due to the emphasis that he places upon the scriptures. Yes, one needs to exhibit a filter with Jackson and his ministry; however, it is the Holy Spirit through the apostle Paul who commands God’s people to rightly divide the word (2 Timothy 2:15, ESV).


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