The Oranje, Hotels in Rio de Janeiro, and FIFA Dignitaries

Nearly every nation in the world lives for the glory of the World Cup tournament.  Some countries relish the opportunity of simply qualifying for it let alone winning it all.  The actual tournament spans one month.  Each team develops a routine or rhythm away from their native land unless they happen to be the tournament’s host.  A good friend of mine runs a blog about his experiences as an independent producer and director.  Earlier today, he notified me of some funky FIFA business involving the Netherlands national team (aka The Oranje) and their hotel accommodations in Rio de Janeiro.  Here is one of the many reports on FIFA booting The Oranje from their hotel on the eve of their semifinal match against Argentina.

Some of the news pieces like the one that I referred attempt to play it fair with FIFA and the situation.  Yours truly knows how to read between the lines.  I think it reflects poorly on the governing body of the world’s greatest sport during its greatest venue.  Is this adversity for The Oranje and their coach Louis Van Gaal?  I think the answer is a resounding yes.  This has the potential to disrupt the team’s rhythm at a crucial juncture in the tournament.  Now, did The Oranje know beforehand that FIFA bigwigs and VIPs would be staying at their hotel and in their rooms for the semifinal and final matches?  One could assume that The Oranje and their executive leadership knew that something could impact their stay.

Maybe the executive management for the Dutch national team planned their accommodations poorly after fielding several warnings from FIFA’s powerbrokers.  Despite the fact that The Oranje have earned a spot in the semifinals, their reward from FIFA is to change hotel accommodations near the end of the tournament.  If there is one thing that shines through this incident, it is the poor planning on the part of FIFA and not the Dutch.  This seems to be the sort of thing that one sorts out a few years in advance. When an organization like FIFA decides to wine and dine suitors and the like, I find it hard to swallow that this wasn’t ironed out earlier.  Did FIFA expect The Oranje to be out of the World Cup at this stage?  The Dutch team, like every other team in the World Cup, represents the sport’s governing body.  I wonder if there will be some friction between FIFA and The Oranje in the coming weeks and months.


3 thoughts on “The Oranje, Hotels in Rio de Janeiro, and FIFA Dignitaries

  1. gjoelfranco says:

    One could say this was done in retaliation to the many anti-FIFA comments made by Van Gaal since the Cup started…


  2. mjabate says:

    I hadn’t heard this one…do you have a source or two? If it is true as you state, then it creates a sandlot atmosphere that is childish at best.


    • gjoelfranco says:

      He supposedly complained about FIFA (read in Italian newspaper, so not very helpful to you, but in case…considering how poorly Holland played the other day, one can only wonder if this did help screw up their routine…when you mess with a routine for a sport team, you often end with a bad performance…


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