An Impactful Thursday

An Impactful Thursday

My vehicle is not in the photo. Thankfully, I was at the front of the line. This bit of nastiness occurred around 7:20am during my drive into work on Thursday, May 8. From the silver car forward, everyone had come to a complete stop including yours truly. Each of us were exiting the I-5 freeway onto Los Feliz Blvd., which is normally busy at this hour. Everyone works in or around Hollywood and Los Feliz Blvd. attracts traffic.

The driver of the yellow van apologized to all, but I could tell he was shaken. He prayed for the lady in the silver Volkswagen, and I joined him. She suffers from asthma, and her nerves activated her condition. The Fire Department and Rescue came on the scene right away, but the lady waived them off. Forty-five minutes later, she began feeling worse and the CHP officer radioed in a second time for the EMT. Keep her in your prayers…she suffered the brunt of the collision as you can see in the photo.

Physically and emotionally I feel like a million dollars. In all honesty, I am very thankful that the white Toyota Tundra absorbed most of the impact. Somehow I feel like the Lord watched over me that morning. Yes, it extended my morning by two hours. I had to call my boss in order to tell him that I could not open our motion picture camera facility at 8am. When all was said and done, I arrived at work at 9:30am. I dodged one. Thank you Lord.


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