The Doctrines of Grace

Earlier this year, John Piper published a little book called The Five Points. Some call these five points by the acronym TULIP, and others use the phrase doctrines of grace. Either way, the two descriptors serve as shorthand for the theology contained in the Canons of Dordt, which was a Dutch Reformed confession of faith from the 17th Century. The Canons had been written in response to the Dutch Remonstrants, who critiqued five points of doctrine with the fledgling system known as Calvinism.

Piper does not go into the history of the five points of the doctrines of grace. I decided to throw a little history in there to reveal how far back these ideas go. In the video link, Piper focuses on his walk with Christ in light of embracing the doctrines of grace. Like everything he does, this is clear, heartfelt and full of passion.


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