A great inventor is to make bread without flour, and he is preparing the plan of a house which is to have no foundations. Wonderful! Isn’t it?  We are no longer to eat grapes as they come from the vines—they are so old-fashioned: we are to have them after they have been squeezed in a patent press, and have been fashioned into cakes of mathematical shape.  We should not be at all surprised to hear that our steam-boats are all a mistake, and have become things of the past, being in fact superseded by electrified table-cloths, which each man withdraws from his dining-table, spreads on the top of the water, and then uses as an instantaneously-prepared raft, which he steers with his knife and fork.  When this comes about, we shall still be found sticking to the unchanged and unchangeable Word of God.  There will be no new God, nor a new devil, and we shall never have a new Savior, nor a new atonement: why should we then be either attracted or alarmed by the error and nonsense which everywhere plead for a hearing because they are new?  What is their newness to us; we are not children, nor frequenters of playhouses?  Truly, to such a new toy or a new play has immense attractions; but men care less about the age of a thing than about its intrinsic value.  To suppose that theology can be new is to imagine that the Lord himself is of yesterday.  A doctrine which is said to have lately become true must of necessity be a lie.  Falsehood has no beard, but truth is hoary with an age immeasurable.  The old gospel is the only gospel.  Pity is our only feeling towards those young preachers who cry, “See my new theology,” in just the same spirit as little Mary says, ‘See my pretty new frock.’

(Charles Spurgeon, “New Theology,” The Sword and the Trowel, 1887)

Spurgeon’s View on New Theology


2 thoughts on “Spurgeon’s View on New Theology

  1. Michael Snow says:

    Would that more evangelical Christians in our day would be found “sticking to the unchanged and unchangeable Word of God” as did Spurgeon. http://spurgeonwarquotes.wordpress.com


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