Stand Firm

Stand Firm

Chelsen Vicari is a contributing author for a blog called Juicy Ecumenism: The Institute for Religion and Democracy’s Blog.  This past April Fool’s Day, Ms. Vicari wrote an unusually irenic and thought-provoking article about progressive Christians and the Religious Left.  What intrigues me about her piece is how she weaves her testimony of walking away from the “emergent” or “progressive” Christian church for the historic, orthodox tenets of Christianity.

From my perspective, Ms. Vicari finds the progressive (or emergent) church and its leaders wanting in depth and breadth of doctrine and worship of Christ as Savior.  Here’s an example from her piece: “While it may be easier to reconstruct the Gospel narrative around our preferred lifestyles choices, it does not glorify God. Understandably, this distorted method of teaching Christianity sells more books, gets more blog hits and schedules more speaking gigs. But choosing adoration over God’s Truths is not only deceptive to their readership, but dangerous for the fate of their souls.”

Ms. Vicari’s journey is one that goes from half-truth to full truth: flickering light to greater light.  The apostle Paul describes her path as going from glory to glory.  Ms. Vicari self identifies as a part of the Millennial generation without equivocation.  In my humble opinion, she is uniquely positioned and suited to be salt and light to her peers.  May others respond to the call of Jesus and his word in their lives with the same simple devotion as Ms. Vicari.


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