Surfing the Culture

Surfing the Culture

One of my friends runs an intriguing blog called Two Handed Warriors.  Here’s the link:  From time to time, I appreciate his approach to art and culture.  Last week, I found an intriguing article by a former pastor of a Vineyard church in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  His name is Dave Schmelzer.  He resigned from his pastoral role in the pursuit of God’s call through a broader stream.  The article that I’ve linked to is Schmelzer’s take on the Evangelical culture within the American church.  I think there are some intriguing nuggets within his piece, which is what led me to post this link.

Schmelzer represents a vocal contingent within the American ecclesiastical church, who have moved away from the local church in an effort to better engage with the surrounding culture.  Rob Bell and Donald Miller are two other names of ministers and authors who have done the same.  I will return tomorrow with a post that explores the implications of Schmelzer’s piece.  If I may be allowed to tease my readers and followers, then let me suggest that leaving the flock or the herd is not safe.  The apostle Peter writes in the fifth chapter of his first epistle that the enemy of every follower of Jesus prowls around like a roaring lion.  Given our Lord’s depiction of us as his sheep, those most in danger of being attacked are those who stray from the group.

I realize that I am using an analogy, which breaks down at some point.  In no way am I suggesting that Christ followers submit to undiscerning groupthink.  What I am saying is that our Lord calls himself the Good Shepherd (John 10:11, ESV).  He watches over his sheep and risks his life for them.  Jesus knows the safe places for his people.  He commissions us to proclaim him to a lost and dying world.  Does this mean that we launch out on our own?  I’ll explore this and other topics in tomorrow’s post analyzing Schmelzer’s piece.  Until then, have a great Friday night.


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