Guarding the Heart

Last year, Wayne Grudem spoke at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. He based his sermon on the famous text found in Proverbs 4:23. The video that I have posted contains an excerpt from the longer sermon. Here’s the link to the rest of Grudem’s talk:

One of the main reason for posting this video is that I love Grudem’s analogy of the heart being like a musical instrument. It implies self-discipline and wisdom, which are two qualities shaped in believers by the Holy Spirit. When a musician tunes an instrument, he takes care to listen for the appropriate keys or notes. He does not rush the process.

Grudem’s message is quite powerful and practical. At times I think that the actions of others impinge upon my heart; however, if I take the time to examine my behavior and my thoughts, then I may discover that I have been the one trampling upon my heart. The startling thing about Grudem’s illustration from his own life is how subtle and thorough the impact of not guarding his heart became to himself and others in his life. It is a silent enemy.


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