Social Justice and Young Evangelicals

David Platt and Matt Chandler represent the younger generation of pastors following in the footsteps of the older generation like John Piper. I guess it comes as no surprise that the Gospel Coalition would turn to Piper to interview Platt and Chandler on the hot button topic of social justice amongst the younger generation.

For my own part, I have witnessed an intense focus on social justice within my generation and especially the one coming after mine. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there is a tendency to raise up social justice concerns to the exclusion of the church’s mission to go and make disciples of all nations. In no way am I saying that the gospel does not call believers and his church into action. I want to emphasize a balance between gospel preaching and discipleship wherein seeking justice flows out of one’s commitment to Christ.

If Christ and his gospel play second fiddle to or descend to the same level as social justice issues, then are we genuinely meeting the deeper needs of those around us? The reason for injustice has to do with sin and brokenness in the world. The gospel message offers the answer to the pervasiveness of sin and brokenness. Fighting injustice apart from bringing the gospel to the hurting and the lost is no different than Amnesty International or the ACLU. Something tells me that the church has a greater message and mission than either Amnesty or the ACLU.


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