J. Ligon Duncan & R. Albert Mohler on the Truthfulness of Scripture


Duncan and Mohler represent two streams of evangelicalism in the United States. Duncan doubles as a Presbyterian minister for the PCA in addition to serving as a professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. Mohler is a Baptist, who hails from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), and runs the flagship seminary for the SBC known as The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Both Duncan and Mohler begin their discussion of the doctrine of scripture by providing the historical context. There are good arguments to make in support of the inerrancy and authority of scripture. The issue is usually ignorance regarding those arguments. Duncan and Mohler use the final 20-25 miniutes of this video delving into the modern day assaults on biblical inerrancy. The forms of the arguments change, but not the substance of them.


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