What is continuationism?

What is continuationism?

Dr. Sam Storms advances the continuationist view in his response to Dr. Thomas Schreiner’s cessationist stance.  Both men are respected exegetes in our day, especially Dr. Schreiner, who is a renowned New Testament scholar for the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Now, this in no way places Dr. Storms on a lower plane than his opponent.  He used to be a professor of Historical Theology at Wheaton College until he accepted the lead pastor role for Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Dr. Storms runs a website and blog called Enjoying God Ministries (www.samstorms.com), which contains his sermons and articles on a wide range of topics.  His work on the spiritual gifts and their role in the New Testament is airtight in logical and exegetical argumentation.  

There are few pastor-scholars today who rival Dr. Storms in the area of the spiritual gifts.  Wayne Grudem, D.A. Carson and John Piper are the only ones that come to mind.  Some would say that either Grudem or Carson represents the best existing scholarship on the spiritual gifts.  Anyway, all this is to say that Dr. Storms builds layer upon layer upon layer in his response to Dr. Schreiner.  It is men like Storms, Grudem, Carson, and Piper who need to be interacted with by other leading advocates of cessationism.  I have great respect for John MacArthur’s Grace to You radio ministry.  He is rightly considered one of the best expository preachers of his generation, yet he does not adequately interact with the exegetical arguments of Storms, Grudem, Carson, and Piper.  From my perspective, the Strange Fire conference stands as one of MacArthur’s weakest attempts at advancing his cause.  

Back to the post…when you read Dr. Storms’ piece, make sure that you have your bible handy.  There are plenty of scripture verses embedded within this article.  It is an excellent example of exegesis driving one’s interpretation.  Dr. Storms’ articles on his Enjoying God blog enable one to go even deeper into the theological depths of the spiritual gifts.  Now, I will say one final point in the way of fairness.  I pointed out my disagreement with Dr. Schreiner regarding his cessationist stance.  When it comes to Dr. Storms, I disagree with his amillennial view of Revelation.  Once again, the differences and disagreements are between brothers and sisters in Christ.  I cannot stress this point too much.    




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