Malachi 3

Seattle-based pastor, Mark Driscoll, always seems to be around controversy. Either it follows him, or he follows it. The irony is that he’s one of the more biblically-based pastors in the church in the West. When it comes to hot button topcis such as money, sex, church government, the gifts of the Spirit and so on, Driscoll lands on solid, theological ground. He is unafraid to take a stand for God and his word on controversial topics. He is also unafraid to say things in a way that causes people to blush.

What I like about this video link is Driscoll’s restraint. He explores the historical context for Malachi chapter three, and then proceeds to expose the most common interpretive error associated with this Old Testament passage. Driscoll is insightful, pointed, irenic and thoroughly biblical. Enjoy.


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