Gender Neutrality or Asexuality

Gender Neutrality or Asexuality

The Gospel Coalition is a treasure trove of resource.  In many ways, I lived in ignorance of this coalition for much of my Christian life.  It wasn’t until March-April of 2012 that I discovered the writings D.A. Carson and John Piper wherein I learned about The Gospel Coalition.  I love this website, the links, the articles, the writers, and the overall doctrinal integrity and vitality.  One of the excellent contributors to the Gospel Coalition is Trevin Wax, who’s article I’ve linked to this post.  He touches upon a vital subject in our day: that of gender distinctions and roles.  Mr. Wax focuses his pen upon Sweden and this nation’s vision and mission to promote gender neutrality throughout its society and culture.  

One of the article’s commenters hit the nail on the head by saying that Sweden’s promotion and execution of gender neutrality is like a modern-day science fiction, dystopian novel.  I agree with that sentiment.  The fact that a Western nation has moved beyond the realm of ideas and concepts of gender neutrality and into execution is quite ominous.  Today’s American culture grows increasingly offended by any claims that men and women bear the image of God as gender persons.  There have been heinous acts perpetrated against women by men and vice versa throughout world history.  There have been heinous acts perpetrated by governments, societies, religions, and cultures against women and men.  I submit to my readers that such behavior stems in part from an inability to see God’s image in oneself and in the other person.  

If I truly see myself and others as created in God’s image, bearing his image, then would I lie, cheat, steal, betray or hate myself and others?  If men and women truly saw God’s image in each other, would there be manipulation, deception, misogyny, misandry, and all the rest that manifests between the sexes?  It is both sad and eerie to read Mr. Wax’s article about Sweden.  It’s sad because the children will be hurt and wounded for the rest of their lives in the very same ways that the adults have been wounded who are in authority over them.  It’s ominous because I wonder how close our nation is to implementing something similar.          



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