Becoming Family

Today is the first day of December. I have one more, full day here in the Adirondack region with my brother Jayson, my sister-in-law and nephew. The weather has warmed up slightly today considering the single-digit, evening lows at the beginning of this trip. My fiancé, Charity, has enjoyed her time immensely; however, I think all of her cold weather tolerance has been expended for the time being. She has eased into my side of the family the same way that I’ve eased into hers. It’s a solid trip jam-packed with memories for years to come.

Earlier today, we woke up around 7am in order to ready ourselves for worship service at Adirondack Bible Chapel (ABC). We needed to rise early because ABC is forty-five minutes away as it’s located in a town called Speculator. My brother and sister-in-law live in a town called Indian Lake, which is an actual lake. I’m discovering that many cities and towns in upstate New York take their name from the topography. The name Speculator hints at gold prospecting, but I haven’t dug into the history of Speculator to determine anything about the name.

After we woke up, we took turns getting ourselves ready. Given that there’s only one bathroom, it meant coordinating turns in productive increments. We did it. Mission accomplished…I must say that the forty-five minute drive was quite picturesque.
Three deer made an appearance along the side of the road: a doe and two fawns. The kept driving and parked at the church. My nephew knew we had arrived at ABC, and immediately, he kicked up a fuss about wanting to get out of the car seat.

Once out of his car seat, my nephew knew where to go: the nursery with all of his friends and toys. Charity, Jayson, Jennifer (my sister-in-law), and I found our seats in the sanctuary and enjoyed the service. It was a hearty mix of word and worship as the associate pastor spoke on gospel-centered living from Col 3:12-17. We sang from hymnals, which was a throwback of sorts for me. It was a solid time of worship and family.

In the parking lot, the associate pastor invited us to the after service meal at the ABC ministry center. When we arrived there, the cooks in the kitchen prepared pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, baked oatmeal, and fruit, coffee and juice. Before the meal, I talked with Jacob and Chris, two young men who attend ABC and live in the ministry center. Both met Christ at the ministry center, and they’ve been forever changed for the better. Chalk up two more the Kingdom of God.

When we readied ourselves for the meal, one of the elders prayed and blessed our time. We were one big family at ABC and the ministry center. It never ceases to amaze me how close-knit God’s family is regardless of region and type of expression. I felt at home with these people at the ABC ministry center. I had a place to be, and I enjoyed it. At some point, Charity and I were driven down to the frozen lake by Jacob. We had my nephew with us, who loved the ride and the walk. We walked onto the frozen lake, and took a few pictures.

It felt good to help Jennifer and Jayson by watching my nephew for a bit. The little things in life reverberate down through the ages. There will be more trips to the Adirondack region with Charity. We’ll visit Jayson and his family, the ABC family, too. The memories will expand into an ever increasing harvest of righteousness and blessing. God’s Kingdom knows no boundaries of time and space. Eventually, this earth will be God’s Kingdom in its fullness in the age to come.


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