Over this past weekend, Charity and I enjoyed an engagement party in our honor. The people who gathered represented a mix of folks from our personal and professional lives. There was good food and drink and fellowship. The hosts rocked it all evening, but that’s to be expected from Tamara and Jessie. They have been Charity’s travel companions over the years while Tamara is also a colleague. It was Tamara who planned the engagement party, which I appreciated quite a bit. She handled all of the details while allowing her joy to spill over into the whole evening. A good word phrase would be contagious joy or celebration.

There were two separate activities on the evening, which contributed to the party atmosphere. The first required folks to write down as many words as possible out of Charity’s name and mine. One of my good friends, Patrick, promptly told me that he had every intention on winning this contest. After everyone had the same amount of time to jot down their words, Tamara went down the list of numbers to determine the winner. Sure enough, Patrick had the most words at 33. He bested two others by one, thereby winning the contest. The other activity didn’t involve the group, but Tamara instructed the party guests to write down date night activities.

Between the two above activities, the food, and the fellowship, the overall atmosphere was celebratory. I had fun seeing Charity’s friends and family meet my friends. Call it a collision of two worlds. There still remains more colliding with the future rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception. In the end, I think you get the picture. There was a reason to celebrate, and Tamara and Jessie made it happen. Their joy led the way for a memorable evening, which has paved the way for more memorable evenings to come. I’m reminded of the following words: “Out of them shall come songs of thanksgiving, and the voices of those who celebrate” (Jeremiah 30:19a, ESV). Good times lie ahead in the near future.


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