“God’s image lies in disrepair. Since their ousting from the garden, Adam and Eve left a trail of sin and brokenness in their relationship that humanity has followed blindly for centuries. We still bear the divine image. God in his faithfulness still upholds us as male and female, capable of becoming good gifts for each other. But the brokenness of that image is our inheritance as well. Gratefully, God can restore us. He can resurrect what is true in us out of the mire of relational and sexual brokenness. That restoration occurs one layer at a time, one man and woman at a time, through the cross of Jesus Christ. He longs to unveil the beauty of his original design in us and empower those weakened by sin and brokenness to love well” (Andrew Comiskey, Strength in Weakness, Chpt. 2, pp 47-48).

The Broken Image, part II


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