A Grateful Heart

The Holiday season began last month. In fact, I recalled seeing fall/harvest decorations and early Christmas stuff at places like Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Those two places house a couple of wedding registries for my fiance and me. For whatever the reason, I decided to write this cheesy post about thankfulness given the time of year. I’m not the only one posting things like this on a blog. All anyone needs to do is surf the internet for the “what are you thankful?” posts and articles. Of course, more will surface as Thanksgiving approaches ever closer.

At the moment, I’m most thankful for my fiance. The Lord’s hand has been guiding us even before we met this past March. It’s been sobering to be engaged with someone like Charity. Several years ago, one of my former roommates encouraged me to put together a list of qualities that I desired in a woman. He and I went through the list line by line. It was a solid list. In fact, I glanced at it earlier this year after Charity agreed to be my girlfriend. What I realized after reviewing the list was how little of Charity was on it. She exceeded the list. I’m so thankful for the sovereignty of God. His purposes and plans have overruled mine. I mean, who knows who I’d be with if I was left to my own devices. Thank you Lord.

Few things in my life have borne more fruit than God’s sovereign grace. According to John 15:16 and Ephesians 1:4, the triune God chose me. Through the corridor of time, God sent one of his servants, my uncle Ron, to preach the gospel to me. I heard it, received it, and experienced my rebirth in Christ. Shortly afterward, I underwent believer’s baptism, which continued this great adventure with Christ. I had no clue that such an eternal change would take place at twelve years of age. For my part, I’m forever grateful to the Lord for electing me for salvation and predestining me for adoption as his son in Christ. The same thing is true with respect to meeting Charity.

When I’ve reflected on meeting her this past March, the following question comes up every time, “what are the odds?” I went to this party to celebrate a friend’s birthday and nothing more. Little did I know that my Father in heaven had other plans in store for Charity and me. Our March meeting inaugurated the end of our singleness, which comes to its consummated end on our wedding day. When I saw Charity at the birthday party, I purposed in my heart to interact with her. I wanted to communicate with Charity beyond this one event. Those choices were necessary, which worked out like a charm. From my point-of-view, I chose Charity and she chose me.

Like I mentioned earlier in this piece, I had compiled a list of qualities that I wanted to have in a future wife. Charity blew up that list. My vision was too small. God’s vision exceeded my own by leaps and bounds. In Genesis 2, the Lord God brought Eve to Adam. This never ceases to amaze me because it demonstrated God’s deep love and provision for his sons and daughters. Just as God brought Eve to Adam, he brought Charity to me in order to accomplish his greater and grander purposes. My relationship has the Lord’s fingerprints all over it. At no point has God’s sovereignty violated Charity’s will or mine. Why would he? God demonstrated his love in creating us, redeeming us, and bringing us together. Many years ago, the Psalmist emphatically declared, “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds” (Psalm 9:1, ESV). I echo the Psalmist’s sentiment.


3 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart

  1. Wow. I’m overwhelmed and so humbled as I read this. I am beyond blessed.


  2. David Turner says:

    beautiful and true. just as election provides the foundation for our salvation and confidence (his will not ours), so this truth provides the foundation for your marriage and will est. confidence in you as you grow and face trials together. Bless you guys!


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