“If there are points which are not certainly or definitely stated in Scripture, some conclusion may, perhaps, be formed from analogy or probable inference; but when the Scripture tells the events and their order, then what is called “free enquiry” has no place whatever. Those who sit in judgment on Scripture, and question or deny what it conclusively says, are not fitting persons to be listened to as teachers in the Church of Christ, whatever be their claims as to wisdom or holiness” (Samuel P. Tregelles Hope of Christ’s Second Coming, Chapter 21, 1864).

Tregelles’s Warning to Bible Teachers


2 thoughts on “Tregelles’s Warning to Bible Teachers

  1. David Turner says:

    well said…and an important guiding principle for all those who study and teach the word. I have found, whether in the church or seminary, that people use a lot of speculation and philosophy in theology instead of referring back to the text of Scripture (in its own context). Every believer needs to know the Word.


    • mjabate says:

      “every believer needs to know the Word.”

      A truer statement couldn’t have been said any clearer. Much of what passes for scripture preparation today has to do with consulting extra-biblical literature in tandem with the zeitgeist.


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