Debating within the Church

Justin Taylor has a blog on The Gospel Coalition called Between Two Worlds. Last Thursday, he posted a video of a debate between Wayne Grudem and Ian Hamilton, which took place in 2010. Both men debate the issue of whether or not the spiritual gift of prophecy continues today. Grudem represents the continuationist view and Ian Hamilton the cessationist position.

In light of last week’s Strange Fire conference and the blogosphere fallout, I love how this video shows two men of God lovingly and passionately discussing their respective positions. Both men realize that each one stands upon God’s inerrant, authoritative, and sufficient word. Neither Grudem nor Hamilton resorts to inflammatory rhetoric, straw men arguments or subtle personal attacks. Each man upholds the dignity of the other while speaking the truth in love. Grudem and Hamilton stand in stark contrast to last week’s firestorm of controversy surrounding the Strange Fire conference.

Cessationism is the view that the spiritual gifts of prophecy, healing, and tongues ceased with either the death of the last apostle or the completion of the canon of scripture. Continuationism believes that prophecy, tongues, and healing continue throughout the church age.

Here’s the link:


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